Light Jets

Light jets are a type of jet that is commonly used by individuals for business events or personal use. Referred to in the industry as “entry-level” jets, light jets are chosen for economical reasons and can travel up to 1,500 miles depending on the type of jet chosen.

Most light jets can travel at a range of 440 mph and can hold limited amounts of luggage due to its small size. Some light jets have restrooms on board, but not all. It is best to check with the aircraft provider. Light jets are an excellent choice for people are using airports whose capacity cannot accommodate large commercial aircrafts.

There are many types of light jets available on today’s private jet market. Some popular models are:

Learjet 35 & 36

The Learjet 35 and 36 are identical except for a few modifications in the 36 model. The 36 model has a larger fuselage fuel tank, allowing it to travel 500 miles longer than the 35 model. However, due to the larger fuel tank, the 36 model eliminates approximately 18 inches of passenger space.

This light jet is powered by twin turbofan engines and can seat approximately 6-8 people comfortably. The Bombardier Learjet Corporation ceased making these models in 1994, but they can still be used in the airline industry.

Hawker 400 (Beechjet 400)

This model aircraft can seat up to 7 passengers and accompany 2 pilots. The cruising speed is 476 mph with a maximum speed of up to 518 mph. This light jet has a range of about 1,482 nautical miles (2,744 km).

The Beechjet 400 was renamed the Hawker 400 after the Raytheon company purchased the production rights. In 2008, the company announced model upgrades including newer and more efficient engines, newer entertainment systems, and an interior re-design.

Citation Bravo (or Cessna Citation II)

The Cessna company is well-known in the private jet industry. The Citation Bravo replaced the popular Citation II model before operation ceased in 2006. This light jet has a maximum seating capacity of 7-8 people and a cruising speed of 430 mph.

The Citation Bravo has a range of a little over 1,500 miles and is ideal for mid-range business trips.

Light jets can be purchased wholly or through fractional ownership programs. However, most private airplanes are chartered through special agencies.