Business Jets

Light jets are most closely associated with the term “private jet” or “business jet.” Generally associated with the uber rich, that is, those individuals that enjoy caviar with champagne, light jets are quite economical for those who can afford them.

Not only do these airplanes display a fantastical amount of wealth, they shorten wait time at airports, always arrive on time, and can travel to places most commercial airliners can’t like small city airports.

If your thinking of investing in a private jet, consider the options available to you. In the aircraft industry there is a distinction between the terms “very light jet” and “light jet.” Very light jets (abbreviated VLJs) are smaller than the typical private aircraft.

These jets were designed to for short air trips between destinations and carry a small amount of passengers. Some VLJs do not have a lavatory, the argument being that these small aircrafts were created for short 90-minute trips and not for trans-Pacific travel.

Examples of these aircrafts include the Eclipse 500 and the Cessna Citation Mustang. While short on restroom breaks, these aircrafts are very inexpensive compared to their heavier light jet counterparts. All you need is a cool $1.5 million to own one of these quick flying air-birds.

If you wanting to an aircraft that accommodates more people or allows a chance to relieve yourself in-flight, you may want to spend a few more million and invest in a light jet. Light jets can fly longer distances, accommodate additional passengers, and provide a private restroom in case the caviar and champagne gets to you. Popular light jet models include the Citation II, the Hawker 400, and the Learjet 36.

The average cruising speed of a light jet aircraft is around 450mph (note this is not the maximum speed) and most aircrafts of this type can hold 7-8 passengers and 2 crew members. Light jets are still reigning supreme in the private jet industry and the most common planes utilized by celebrities, businesses, or mega moguls like Richard Bronson.

If you’re considering purchasing a private jet, take into consideration the size, fuel consumption, and luggage capacity of the aircraft. After all, there’s no sense in taking your family to the Bahamas if you can’t pack a bathing suit.