Light Aircraft

Light jets were very popular in military operations before they became popular commercially. Commercial use of light jets picked up during the 1970s and became widely known in the eighties due to pop culture and Hollywood movies.

Light jets are used as private jets covering shorter distances than the typical commercial airliner. Typical journeys light jets are used for include Los Angeles to San Francisco or Dallas to Chicago. Most light jets can average a distance of around 1,600 nautical miles and can seat 7-8 people.

There are larger light jets that can travel farther distances and seat additional people, it depends on the type of light jet you are looking for.

There are different types of light jets on the market. Such aircrafts<br>include:

Cessna Citation Bravo

The Cessna Citation Bravo has a cruising speed of 396 mph and a range of approximately 1,800 miles. It features a full lavatory and can seat approximately 10 passengers.

This light jet replaced the Citation II and Citation S/II in 1997. Although it ceased production in 2006, it still remains a popular light jet model.

Learjet 45

The Learjet 45 can travel 1,584 statute miles and has a cruising speed of 525 mph (a maximum speed has been recorded at 464 kt). This light jet can seat 8 passengers and 2 crew. The lavatory can be used as a seat as well bringing the total passenger count to 9.

It was first introduced in January 1998 and continues to be produced with different models such as the Learjet 45XR, which features faster travel times and upgraded design.

Hawker 400

The Hawker 400 was known as the Beechjet 400 before the Raytheon Corporation purchased the production line and changed the name to incorporate it into their aircraft models. The Hawker 400 has a maximum speed of 518 mph and a cruising speed of 476 mph.

It can travel approximately 1,483 nautical miles and seat 7 passengers and 2 pilots. The upgraded design is known as the 400XP and features better performance, interior, and aerodynamics.

Light jets cannot hold large amounts of luggage when the passenger capacity is met. In fact, most private aircraft providers will advise against bringing bulky luggage like musical instruments or golf bags. Such overloading can have catastrophic consequences.

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