Very Light Jets

Very light jets or “micro-jets” and as the industry prefers, “entry-level jets,” are aircrafts that typically weigh less than 10,000 pounds and are smaller than the normal business jet aircraft. Because of their small size, they are cost half as much as private jets resulting in smaller operating and maintenance costs. Most very light jets are double engine planes with single pilot operation.

These private aircrafts can seat four to six people as well as some light luggage. The cost is fairly low for a very light jet with a price tag of around $1.5 million. The initial jets were created around the idea of selling cost-effective private aircrafts to small businesses and companies.

The fractional ownership market took a huge liking to the idea and purchased many light jets for their investors. In fact, fractional jet companies have become a major investor in the very light jet industry.

Very light jets are also frequently used as “air-taxis” or private aircrafts that are needed on demand. They are especially useful at rural airports or from city to city destinations. Very light jets are used for short flights (around 90 minutes) and therefore, most of these aircrafts do not have a bathroom.

Some industry professionals are critical of this facet of very light jets, but the creators contend it is a non-issue for the most part. Especially for weary business travelers who would prefer a non-stop flight versus 8 hours on the road for an appointment that may last only for a few hours.

Light jets are a bit larger than very light jets and feature more amenities, but have a steeper price. Light jets generally cost around $4-6 million depending on the type of aircraft. These are the traditional business jets used by professionals and corporations that hope to avoid lost time commuting between destinations.

Light jets, like the Learjet 36, are popular planes for business travelers and are commonly chartered by businesses and corporations. Fractional aircraft companies have also taken an immense liking to these types of jets and employ most of them to their investors.