CitationAir Private Jets By Cessna

Traveling the world in the lap of luxury is a dream for some and the only way to fly for others. Why dream when you can take to the skies with new CitationAir Jet Access. The new CitationAir Jet Access offers a choice of luxury CitationAir XLS or Sovereign aircrafts. For the exclusive services of the new CitationAir Jet Access, a 50 hour annual commitment is required. Experience the flexibility of jetting around the world in a first class fleet of jetliners. CitationAir Private Jets have no criteria or requirements that state that you should own an aircraft.

Explore the new CitationAir Jet Access which offers an exceptional Yellow Tie™ service and rates with zero exposure to assets valuation risk. Take advantage of rates that are locked in for 36 months when you use the CitationAir private jets for your next trip across the world. Enjoy rates locked in for 36 months with zero exposure to asset valuation risk. Capital investment and remarketing fees are also locked in for 36 months with zero exposure.

For the ultimate in luxury service and craftmanship, CitationAir Private Jets are state of the art technology and innovation. Built in flexibility allows you to utilizes Cessna Jets anything of the year. Additional hours can be purchased annually whenever you require. The flexibility that you experience with CitationAir Cessna jet services allows you to carry unused hours to the following year. If your schedule requires even more flexibility then you can re-size the annual hours commitment. Re-size the aircraft type with the once a year re-size option.

Flexible fuel component and simultaneous usage options are also available. Access discounts on annual fees are offered when you opt for the pre-pay option which is offered at a 3% discount. Flexible Jet Access rates provide this luxury jets service with two pricing components. The first component offers Annual Access Fee with guaranteed access to your chosen aircraft model. Second option is the Flight hourly rate and fuel costs which is calculated on an as-you-fly basis.

By using the CitationAir Private Jet Card, you will receive the all-inclusive with no international fees, no repositioning fees and no handling fees. The annual rates remain unchanged and are locked in for the entire year. Unused funds are returned after the first year’s contract. Short-term agreements get you started and flying with CitationAir Private Jets to experience the benefits of fractional ownership.