EliteJets Air Charter Service

As the Chief Financial Officer of a business with branches in the Middle East, I require frequent air travel throughout the many countries where I have business associates, partners, and colleagues.

Last year the company was in the midst of a multitude of changes in offices in Dubai some of my executive colleague and I needed to travel with flexibility throughout the Middle East. Commercial flights were far too slow, inconvenient, and inconsistent for the meetings I needed to get to and the work I needed to get done.

Imagine my delight and relief when one of my colleagues discovered EliteJets, a fabulous charter service for both corporate business people like myself, and tourists looking to travel at their leisure. I had not used a private jet service before, but I was not disappointed with Elite Jets. They pride themselves on safety, luxury, privacy, and customer care, and I believe they ought to be incredibly proud.

On my EliteJets air charter, I felt very safe. The flight attendants were efficient, competent, and made me feel as though I was in very good hands. The luxury of my private air craft was fabulous. After multitudes of uncomfortable, cramped, and unpleasant public flights, I found the roomy and relaxing cabin to be a refreshing change. The flight attendants checked on my every need regularly and I had plenty of space to walk around the cabin while we were in flight.

My Elite Jets experience also felt very private. Throughout our flight my co-workers and I needed to discuss very important business matters. We never felt interrupted and knew everything we were speaking about would remain secure and confidential. We knew that even after we were done using EliteJets, the Elite Jets team would continue to treat us and our business with utter discretion.

For all of these reasons, I felt like the customer care I received on my EliteJets air charter was beyond superb. From the original booking of our private flights all the way to our final landing I was always treated with respect and professionalism. My company continues to do a large amount of work abroad, and already several of my colleagues have used Elite Jets as their air charter service again. Everyone who has used their services has come away pleased and remarkably impressed. I will only use Elite Jets from now into the future.