OneSky Jets Charter Booking Review

OneSky Jets is the best private jet chartering site available on the web. OneSky has one of the easiest online private jet booking systems on the web. When you head over to One Sky for the first time to book a private jet, you are whisked through the process of finding a private jet that fits your needs.

In order to book your private jet, all have to do is input your flight requirements into the online booking system, including date and airport. At One Sky, you are able to pick by date or price, whichever is most important to you. Once you have inputted your requirements, the booking system goes to work and finds a number of flight options and prices available to you. After making your choices, a flight advisor reviews your request and gets in contact with you with any questions and to finish up the reservation. After making a request for a flight, you are also sent a “firm quote” sheet that has all of your flight cost and itinerary information.

One Sky Jets has over 2,500 private, approved jets that fly all over the world. has the ability to reserve a private jet according to your specifications, including light, medium, or heavy jet. The company even has turbo-props available for those short, under 500-mile trips.

One Sky Jets is a great option if you are looking for a safe trip. They have stringent safety requirements, so you know that you and your fellow passengers will be safe.

One Sky Jets has a wonderful membership plan available to customers as well. Their “Latitude Membership Program” allows you to have a peace of mind not available with other private jet charter companies. With the large fleet of private jets available you have a flexibility that cannot be rivaled for the price. With as little as ten hours notice, you are able to have a jet waiting for you. This flexibility is great for anybody in business that needs to get to a meeting fast and in style.

The “Longitude Membership Program” also gives you access to a personal flight advisor. These professionals are superb in all aspects of their work. While working out your arrangements, the flight advisors even make sure that your favorite food and drink is waiting for you on the plane.