The Benefits of Private Jet Rentals

While private jet rental was once considered as the ultimate luxury indulgence, the many benefits associated with private jet rentals have made them valuable options for business travel. Whenever time is of the essence, or whenever there is a special need or request associated with air travel, private jet rental becomes the best option when compared to commercial air travel.

The first benefit that comes to mind is flexibility. Commercial air travel has become more restrictive and less flexible over the last few years. With private jet rentals, passengers do not have to worry about a rigid itinerary that does not tolerate late arrivals. Most airlines that cater to private jet rental operate out of executive airports that are more accessible and less crowded than regional or international airports. And whenever a private jet rental must take off from or land at busy international airport, boarding and deplaning of passengers is expedited at separate checkpoints within the airport.

On the same subject of flexibility, private jet rentals allow passengers to travel to smaller cities that may be closer to their destination. Private jet passengers can expect accommodations such as wheelchairs, extra leg space or seating room, or even a table on which they can truly spread out their briefcase or laptop. Depending on the private jet aircraft, telephone calls and in-flight wi-fi internet access may be included at no additional cost. The commercial air travel industry has become notoriously fastidious and expensive when it comes to preferential seating and extra luggage, something that private jet rental operators have always offered at no extra cost.

Privacy and productivity are guaranteed aboard private jets; something not even first class passengers on commercial aircraft can enjoy. Business meetings are regularly conducted aboard private jets, and the industry takes pride on providing high levels of privacy for their passengers.

Until recently, luxury jets were mostly flown and operated by their owners. Once the corporate world and even groups of vacationers began to learn about the benefits of private jet travel, demand for private flights grew fast. Nowadays, the private jet industry is organized into a national network where passengers can go online to check for price and availability. The premier portal for passengers wishing to book private jets is OneSky Jets , passengers can get more information about private jet rentals and even make flight reservations on the spot by clicking on the banner below: