Private Jet Membership Card Benefits

When you are traveling for business or a family vacation it’s important to have dependable air transportation. When flying on commercial airlines, there are delays, long security check lines, and you have to book ahead. With a private jet membership card, you charter a flight within hours.

While on the go it’s important to know everything is taken care of. One of the benefits of a membership is that everything is taken care of from planning to food. Trip managers take care of scheduling flights and making sure that everything is on time. Trip managers can be accessed by phone to charter flights, organize catering, and to book hotels and cars at your destination.

Private jet membership card deposits vary from company to company. From $100k, the money is immediately available to charter a private jet. Some deposits are refundable, some not. The deposit is used to charter jets by the hour, much like a debit card.

Hourly price varies from jet to jet depending on destination, size of plane, and amenities. It’s important to research the different price points and what each includes. Through online research you can easily figure out what is the best price and includes everything you need.

There are many options for private jet memberships, each with different fees, fleets, and features. One Sky Jets,, Sentient Jets, Paramount Business Jets, CitationAir are some options. Each company has slightly different prices and services. When researching, look not only at the price, but at what is included. Some have features that cost extra that other companies include in the base price. Larger fleets have more options for types of planes and travel days. They also allow you to book a flight at short notice, while smaller fleets may have a longer wait for a jet.

Private jet membership cards not only hold the money needed to book a flight. They give you peace of mind, knowing with the card you can charter flights quickly. It helps you keep up with your busy work and leisure schedule, knowing that you can be where you need to be. With a variety of planes, you have access to the right size plane when you need it.