What Is A Jet Card?

Flying on a private jet used to available only to the super rich. Today, it is available to anyone who wants to fly hassle free and save time on their itinerary while being given the royal treatment. One way to add to the convenience of chartering private jets is to use a private jet card.

These jet cards ensure that all details of a trip are handled and ready to go on a moment’s notice. Similar to membership cards or frequent flyer programs, these cards handle many of the details involved in booking a flight, such as personal information and payment information. While the details of jet cards vary from company to company, generally they work as debit cards, with the travelers putting a deposit on the card that is then applied to future flights. Some companies offer refundable deposits, while others don’t.

The price of a private jet card also varies from company to company, and many companies offering different levels of jet cards with varying levels of benefits. Most companies charge for private charter flights by the hour, though a few do charge by the distance traveled. Though hiring a private jet is more expensive than flying commercial, it is invaluable in the time saved and the stress avoided. There is no waiting in long security lines or dealing with layovers and irritating passengers, just comfort and luxury and the available of a jet nearly year-round.

Some options for purchasing jet cards are CitationAir, Paramount Business Jets, Sentient Jets, JetCharters.com and One Sky Jets. It is worthwhile to compare the prices for the different companies, as well as the different benefits offered to see which is the best deal. The details are important, since they will determine if your trip is relaxing or stressful. Some companies have their flights as all-inclusive, including all taxes and other fees, while others have a base price, and additional services and amenities cost extra.

The biggest benefit of a jet card is the complete peace of mind and ease they offer. Once the card is purchased, all you need to do is call and reserve your flights. No trying to book months in advance to get the flights you need, no stress about traveling hassles and no worries about missing connecting flights or delays. Many companies also offer trip manager services with a jet card, that include such benefits as car rentals and making sure your trip is as comfortable as possible.